Increasing your digital traffic.


Need help with your social networks? I’ll work with your company under your management to get the most out of your social network. With advanced targeting, I’ll help you be seen by a larger audience who’s actually interested in your company. I’ll also deliver an electronic notification of statics month to month to help you track your success.


Creating or updating personal, business, or eCommerce websites to help you get to jump within the online market is just the beginning. I will fully integrate social networks and SEO for all major search engines which will give you a steady flow of traffic from many different angles to your website.

Personalized Business Brochures


Are you in need of a new logo or your old logo touched up for your company? I will give you a professional logo that helps both old and new customers recognize your company. D's Imprint also helps with local marketing in which I will personally setup all of your advertising layouts, pinpoint the successful ones, and create another angle of receiving customers.

Custom business cards, half page flyers, full page flyers, double sided flyers, & full multi-page brochures are just a few of the marketing items that can be delivered. Supply images of your inventory, past jobs, projects, existing logo, etc., and I’ll create a beautiful professional brochure that's sure to attract customers and spread the word of your company.

Need more than paper? Step up your advertising needs, from t-shirts to coffee mugs, I will help you brand it!

Custom Logos

I look at your company as a whole and create a variety of logos for you to choose from.  Throughout the rough draft process you'll help set the custom parameters of your logo.  Businesses with well-designed logos are well recognized and show higher returning customer percentages than those without logos.  They also show a higher referral rate.  Let D's Imprint help create a landmark on your business that will draw in more traffic to your company.