Create a shipping process that works for you.



D's Imprint will take photos of your inventory stock to help set you up for digital transactions. High-definition pictures, detailed product descriptions, and pricing variants setups help get your products online and ready to ship.

I create SKU/Item numbers for any item you carry in your inventory. The next step is to set-up pricing, weight, and dimensions for catalog or online shipping.

After that the information is moved to an excel document for data to be used for sales, customer service, and/or shipping team.


Customized invoicing.



D's Imprint will set you up to accept Credit Cards, Paypal, and will even help you supply your customers with credit under certain circumstances. I will also help you setup your workflow & shipping station for an easy to maintain shipping process.

With location identification and item classification, I assist you in maintaining a system that will enable you to balance your inventory, keep up with stock levels, and ensure your customer is getting exactly what they order.


From manual pick-up, to overnight express, I’ll help you set up or create shipping delivery option variants based on what your company needs to offer.

D’s Imprint also give you the ability to offer custom invoicing and receipts to keep track of all your orders. Returns are also easy with customer friendly credit card refunds and quick notifications that are all filed in your personal customer data base.




Recurring Subscription Payments!

Give your customers more flexibility and an easy way to come back by integrating a customized shipping cart!