Web Development

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Top Google Rankings

  • Social Sharing

  • eCommerce

  • Graphics

  • Logos


I work directly with owners and administration to learn about your business, including its operations, products and/or services.  I help increase brand audiences using several different techniques that have been proven to grow almost every type of business.

Whether you're starting a new business or wanting to increase customer flow toward your business, I can assist your team to make it happen.  With monthly rates, scale percentages, or custom set pay plans, D's Imprint can leave a high-scale impression, at an affordable price.

Web Design Is Just The Beginning


Social Media Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Message Responses

  • Daily Written Post

  • Optimization

  • Page Growth



Let D's Imprint help your business leave a landmark in the market.

Experienced advertising in Facebook, Instagram & more, I will make you been seen and remembered.  Things that are remembered, are things that are talked about. Naturally, I will also optimize your ads as things progress to make sure you receive as many clicks as possible at the lowest optimized rate!


Search Engine Ads, Maps, Local Places & White Pages



  • Be found on major search engines

  • Bing Ads & Google AdWords

  • Google Places Setup

  • Bing Places Setup

  • Google Maps

  • Bing Maps

  • SEO


I will help you be found all over the net including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.  Customers will begin to see your website almost immediately when searching for products or services you're offering.  Local and National SEO (search engine optimization) Services are also available.  Together we won’t just place you in one place and hope it does the job of bringing in the needed leads for your business, instead we’ll place you in the known areas that have been proven to be successful pieces of the overall tree bearing new customers.


Multi-Channel Advertising

  • Professional Multi-Level Advertising

  • Written Newsletters By Email

  • Written Newsletters By Mail

  • Business Service Lookup

  • Local Mailing


Contact D's Imprint: + 1-479-996-0392

Finance Your Customers

  • Unsecured Financing Your Approved Customers

  • Payments Usually Received Within 48 Hours

  • Use Different Finance Options

  • 15 Minute Approval Process

  • Reach A New Marketplace

  • Hassle Free Transfers

  • Monthly Stats

Intuit Quickbooks



  • Full / Partial QuickBook Management

  • Track Debit & Credit Transactions

  • Customization Options

  • Full Company Profile

  • Reporting & Stats


Need help with your account books?  I assist in setting up Intuit quickbooks for easy access and insights of your company's losses and gains all backed up on a secure hard-drive & cloud (secure online storage) for your tax professional/records. I can also assist you in evaluating the areas in need of improvement within your business.


Start Shipping Online



  • Digital Product Producer

  • Shipping Station Setup

  • Descriptions / Pictures

  • Dimensions / Weights

  • SKU/UPC Setup


Taking pictures, upload descriptions, create item SKU numbers, and setting shipping perimeters with all of your inventory are just a few of the tasks I can complete for you!  Gain a professional look with an easy flow shipping procedure by using simple integrated techniques.

Let’s take the helm together to help get your business moving!